Texture repair may not always require welding. There are times when we are able to move the damaged metal to avoid welding. The severity of the damage and how much existing metal is available will determine this option. There are different techniques that apply to each situation. We will consult with you and recommend options that are best suited to your needs. If welding is needed, we have the resources to assist.

Depending on your needs, we have 2 locations – Corona, CA (USA) and Tijuana, B.C. (Mexico) to take the repair to completion.

There are specific requirements to achieve the best possible results for weld and texture repair. They include but are not limited to the following:
    • 1. Preheating the mold prior to welding.
    • 2. Welding with the appropriate rod or material while the mold is still hot.
    • 3. Heating the mold after welding. Sometimes, a spot heat will suffice. Other times, heating the entire piece is needed.
A (PDF) Onsite Repair Form is available for download: Onsite Repair Form (06-14).pdf

Onsite (Your Location) Services

Depending on the nature of the repair or new texture we can provide our services on site. Some repairs can be done ONSITE at your location. Our team has traveled the US & Mexico to perform these repairs. We can provide quick response to your needs. We have two (2) locations to serve our customers: Corona, CA and Tijuana, Mexico. Our Corona location handles all tools up to 5 TONS in the US and Canada. Through our decade long partnership with Ikegami Mold de Mexico, the Mexico plant handles all tools up to 30 TONS in Mexico. In addition to complete texture services, the Mexico plant has full tool repair and maintenance capabilities (tool MODS and repair, tool welding, micro laser welding, polishing) without having to lose time in tool transits across the border. Please contact us to discuss and coordinate this option. Our onsite repair form / check list can be used to gather and provide as much info as possible to attain a successful repair. A (PDF) Onsite Repair Form is available for download: Onsite Repair Form (06-14).pdf