We not only polish to prepare for texture but are capable of providing polish as the final finish.

Our polishing department specializes in lens/mirror finishes (SPI A1 to A2). We can take a surface at its roughest starting point and bring to an A1-A2 finish.

We understand the importance and know how to maintain sharp edges. A rolled edge can compromise the integrity of the seal when the cores and cavities come together. This will lead to part flash depending on the material and other factors.

We provide polishing services to remove EDM, Cutter Marks, and re-fitting of tools.

Our craftsman polishers follow SPI standards. The SPI chart on the left defines the SPI standards

SPI Finish Guide Typical Applications

SPI Finish Guide Typical Applications
A-1 Grade #3 Diamond Lens / Mirror – requires 420 SS material
A-2 Grade #6 Diamond High Polish Parts
A-3 Grade #15 Diamond High Polish Parts
B-1 600 Grit paper Medium Polish Parts
B-2 400 Grit paper Medium Polish
B-3 320 Grit paper Med – Low Polish
C-1 600 Stone Low Polish Parts
C-2 400 Stone Low Polish Parts
C-3 320 Stone Low Polish Parts
D-1 Dry Blast Glass Bead Satin Finish
D-2 Dry Blast # 240 Oxide Dull Finish
D-3 Dry Blast # 24 Oxide Dull Finish
You can order an SPI plastic molded sample plaque chart by contacting us at:
Polishing Collection