Hydrographics, or water transfer printing is the process of apply graphics onto different substrates (parts) using water submersion. We can apply these graphics onto many different parts and materials, ie plastics, metals, fiberglass, wood, etc. The process is flexible enough to accommodate complex shapes and contours. Now you can bring exciting colorful graphics to life on your parts when we apply this decorative process with various base coat colors. We have an extensive selection of graphics in our library you can choose from. However, if you want a custom unique design we can assist in development to bring your graphic to life.

Our attention and experience with details in the manufacturing (mold texturing, polishing, plating) industry brings a level of expertise that brings beauty to a parts that can be repeated consistently.

Our custom paint service is available for both hydro graphic decoration and stand alone paint decoration.

We welcome both low and high volume work. Contact us for more details on pricing, leadtimes, and design options.

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