Our chemical etching process allows engraving and milling on complex curvatures and hard to reach places, that would otherwise require expensive methods and tools. Chemical engraving depths from .0005” to .0200” can be achieved, depending on the size of the logo or pattern.

This process is well suited for small or detailed milling work used on medical parts or devices, electronic components, and in aerospace applications. One key advantage of our process includes the engraving of designs or logos on contours without any distortion. Unless a 5 axis milling machine is used, the likelihood of distortion is present on a contoured surface. Another way to compensate, is to manually manipulate the work piece along the contour. We can avoid costly and time consuming alternatives when we use our chemical etching methods. The next tab outlines how we can best provide for your engraving needs.

Chemical Etching Process

1. First, we start with your artwork or pattern. High resolution and clarity are critical.

2. Next, we develop a film mask from the artwork or pattern.

3. Then, the pattern is applied to the work surfaces for etching or milling.

4. Once completed, the work piece is now checked for quality.

Engraving Collection